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Paulo Renato Colombiano

Paulo Renato Colombiano - Visual Artist and Photographer

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Studied photography at the Ateliê da Imagem School and at the Brazilian Association of Photographic Art - ABAF and has studied/practiced/researched on his own.

Makes a photographic researc using smartphone cameras (Nokia 73, N95, N8, 808 PureView, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1020) where the device is not only used to capture the image but alson in its post-production. An abstract art work where the eye searches for shapes, textures and colours, apparent or not, highlighet by the printings in large canvas, mounted on wooden chassis, setting a counterpoint between the touchscreen and the canvas, the mobile portability and the large-size printings.

Selected in the contest “Urca: 100 anos” in April 2008 with the photo "Urca", took part in the XXV and XXVI Bikoo-Ten, exhibition of the Bikoo-Kai, a group of japanese and brazilian artists in october 2013 and november 2014.

Held his first solo exibition called "Abstractions" in Galeria de Arte Sala Djanira at Espaço Cultural CEPERJ, in Rio de Janeiro, july 2014.

In january 2015, was invited by SESC-Niterói to take his "Abstractions" exhibition to its gallery.

Took part in the collective virtual exhibition at Galeria EIXO artecontemporânea in october 2016. 

Paulo Renato Colombiano

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